FulgiOur services

We have brought together a senior team of engineers to leverage our clients' opportunities, offering a wide range of services.

Main services offered by FULGI include:

Cooperation with FULGI offers a number of advantages including cost-effective High-volume manufacturing:

A variety of services provided by FULGI is aimed to build robust solutions with innovative approaches to manufacture, engineering, logistics & distribution and after-sales service.

Manufacturing Services (EMS/ECM)

We focus of the assembly of printed circuit boards (PCBA) as well as in electro-mechanical (ELM) assembly for original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

PCB assembly:

System assembly:

Production capacity of FULGI is provided by 3 Surface Mount Technology (SMT) lines that can place up to 789 000 components/hr., automated through-hole equipment placing up to 25 000 components/hr., 6 THT and 6 final assembly lines.

Engineering Services

We aim to speed up our clients' time-to-market and focus on professional services in the field of Engineering Services:

We care about your product, designing end-to-end solution for all businesses aiming to maximize their marketing reach, complete with professional project management:


Individual approach, based on customer requests

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