Market sectors of contract production

FULGI Consumer electronics

Consumer electronics

Latest technology in manufacturing game consoles, TV sets, home audio and video devices, portable audio and video systems and a lot more.

FULGI Automotive


Using leading manufacturing technology in the production of automobile electronics and a variety of highly demanded applications.

FULGI Industrial electronics

Industrial electronics

Production of industrial computers, control units and other industrial electronics.

FULGI >Metering


Capacities of FULGI SMT production lines enable high-volume manufacturing of electronic equipment for housing and public utilities.

FULGI Security


Comprehensive manufacturing solutions for electronics in state-of-the-art complex security systems, video monitoring, registration systems, gas, smoke, movement sensors and others.

FULGI Network


Industry-leading solutions for electronic products designed for public telecommunication networks, private communication networks, the Internet, mobile infrastructure.


Individual approach, based on customer requests

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