FULGI is reliable, experienced, innovative company, focusing on long-term cooperation and working on the electronics market.

We offer services for surface and pin assembly (SMT and TNT) and conveyor assembly production (FAS).

FULGI offers following services:

  • Contract manufacturing;
  • R&D;
  • Procurement/logistics;
  • Electronic components supplement;
  • Quality control;

  • We provide our services on various sectors of electronics market, such as: consumer electronics, automotive electronics, industrial electronics, metering, security, network.

    Resources, which help us to deliver high-quality services:

  • Years of experience in electronic production;
  • Production facilities are located in economically beneficial areas;
  • Modern plant and machinery for electronic manufacturing services
  • Leading-edge SMT production line, assembly lines and quality control systems, which meet the worldwide standards and certificates;

  • Equipment in radio-electronic manufacturing facilities
    SMT lines Fuji NXT-II
    Oven ERSA HOTFLOW 3/20
    Wave soldering operation Delta 3&5 (RoHS)
    Quality control system ICT/FT

    Equipment for cardboard and corrugated packaging manufacturing
    Raw parts manufacturing lines 6 РА – STK (Taiwan)
    Manufacturing lines for four-valve corrugated boxes 5 PA-FG (Taiwan)
    Automatic die-cutter Lisheng LS 1670 S (Taiwan)
    Paper-baling machine Godswill (Taiwan)

    Equipment for manufacturing carbon nanomaterials, antennas and frames
    Injection molding machine (plastic products)
    Equipment for cold forming technology (metal products) etc.,

    State-of-art equipment for encapsulation of microprocessors

  • Our partners are global leaders in the electronic market.
  • FULGI partners
FULGI production
FULGI production


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