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Industry-leading solutions for electronic products designed for public telecommunication networks, private communication networks, the Internet, mobile infrastructure.

We offer various types of electronic products including telecommunications and network equipment, wireless technologies, and TV broadcasting equipment : units for digital wire communication systems, routers for fiber-optic communication lines (network routers), switchboards (ETHERNET), network equipment for IP-telephony, M-GPRS-routers, WLAN converters, wireless access points to network resources, network digital equipment for wireless telecommunication.

Supplies of electronic components from Europe and Asia, detailed elaboration and leading-edge engineering technologies are the factors of success that help us offer competitive products to our most demanding customers. These are both consumer products and those designed for industrial application of electronic devices.

FULGI not only provides services of assemblage, encapsulation and packaging of ready products, but also develops best logistic schemes for prompt supply of products to the end consumer.


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