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Capacities of FULGI SMT production lines enable high-volume manufacturing of electronic equipment for housing and public utilities.

FULGI offers product design and manufacture of various metering equipment for housing maintenance and utilities sector. These include meters for accounting consumption of water, power, and gas.

Enterprise capacities make it possible to produce large amounts of electronic necessary for the sector.

Electronic equipment by FULGI is thoroughly prepared for mass production, optimal pricing of the end product is accurately calculated. That ensures that all the goods manufactured by the company meet high standard of quality and durability combined with low price. Our equipment is quite competitive against other products on the international markets, including China sourcing or Southeast Asia sourcing.

The company is ready to offer electronics for automated control systems in the utility sector, support of security systems and intelligent management of buildings and residential complexes.

FULGI is ready to provide customers with quality electricity meters, gas meters, liquid meters, heat meters.


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